Monday, 13 August 2007

Bushfire Preparation - Home Insurance Cover Check

You Have Nothing To Lose By Getting Prepared! - Take Inventory Of Your Property!
Is Your Home Insurance Cover Sufficient, In Case Of A Total Loss Due To Bushfire?

Are You One Of The Under-Insured? How Would You Know?

The Insurance Council of Australia [ICA] reports that up to one in four Australian households have no property or contents insurance. The bushfire season is here again threatening Australian homes. Made worse by the effects of past dry years.

Aussie Home Inventories urges all homeowners to check their insurance cover and make sure they are additionally prepared for disaster, by having a disaster evacuation plan.

A lack of necessary insurance cover means a risk of suffering severe financial loss. Australians every year find themselves suffering the effects of under-insurance, losing thousands of dollars after an event. To return your home to the standard it was before the event you need to make sure you are aware of the increases in building costs along with additional building regulations which may have added costs to your home in the case of replacement. Homeowners also suffer from not having enough contents insurance. You cannot count on the insurance company knowing what you have purchased, renovated or upgraded!

Assume the bushfire season is going to be a bad one and get your home prepared!

You Have Nothing To Lose By Being Prepared, But Plenty To Lose By Not Being.

A digital photographic home inventory of your property and contents will allow you to correct your insurance. If you should suffer a loss you will be able to forward the home inventory to your insurance company allowing a quick and easy claim.

Lastly make sure you have a disaster evacuation plan that everyone in the household understands. Easily create your own disaster plans and evacuation kits, by visiting the Suggestions & Tips Directory. If you prefer to watch a video on preparedness for the home them visit the Eye On The Storm Video Directory.

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