Monday, 10 September 2007

DIY Home Inventory List - The Easy Solution!

Aussie Home Inventories - DIY Home Inventory List
Are You Looking For An Easy Solution To Start Your DIY Home Inventory?

Use Our Simple And Quick Pre-Formatted List!

The Aussie Home Inventories - DIY Home Inventory List, allows you to easily get started on your home inventory. This simple DIY Home Inventory check list, will allow you to quickly take inventory of your home, progressing from room to room. There is absolutely no reason to put this task off any longer! This professional forty pages plus document will allow you to record information on:
  • Home & Owner Details.
  • Real Estate / Insurance / Solicitor - Contacts.
  • Home Renovations & Improvements.
  • Location & Item Details.
  • Personal Items & Clothing.
Included in the DIY Home Inventory List are:
  • Over 20 + Home Locations.
  • Additional Location & Item Forms.
  • Value Summary For Easy Insurance Cover Calculation.
  • Summaries For Specified Contents & Personal Effects.
  • Business Item Summary.
Remember a Home Inventory is needed when preparing for loss & proving ownership in case of theft. Update your list regularly with any new purchases and home improvements.

Download your FREE copy of the DIY Home Inventory List Today!

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What Have You To Lose By Getting It Done?

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