Sunday, 27 January 2008

Home Inventory Information On Your Mobile Phone

Home Inventory Information On Your Mobile Phone
Did You Know You Can Follow This Home Inventory Information Blog On Your Mobile Phone?

Would You Like To Share The Information With Someone In Need, Who Is Without Internet Access?

Keeping up to date with the latest Home Inventory Information, from Aussie Home Inventories and sharing it with those in need, has become very easy.
This feature and the recent addition of audio enriched feeds, is aimed at increasing the awareness, of home and business owners, to take advantage of home & business inventory services, as a method of preparing for loss. Making the blog mobile friendly, is part of Aussie Home Inventories Inventory Awareness Program, known as SAFE, short for Secure Archives for Future Events.

The following mobile services are available for this blog.

'Feedm8'. feedm8 mobi feed

feedm8 supplies you with a download of the posts in FULL! The provider inserts ads into this feed.

'Winksite'. AHI's Mobi Site

This winksite mobi site, supplies access to:

  • Text and audio enriched feeds.
  • The sharing of information is easily posted to your social pages.
  • Mobile chat room, forum, surveys and more!
All information sent to your mobile via the initial feeds from these providers is FREE, we are told. Interaction with the feeds, [downloading other information not initially downloaded, may incur charges from your communication supplier].

If you have any comments, issues or problems with any of these mobile services, or you know of features you like to see included, we would like to hear from you.

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