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How A Home Inventory Service Saves You Time & Money

Professional Documentation Of Property By Aussie Home Inventories
Is Your Home Inventory Incomplete?

Do You Keep Meaning To Finish It Off, But Never Get Around To It Because You Are Short Of Time?

If you answered YES to either of the above questions, their is an easy solution, to use the services of a Home Inventory Service. A service that professionally records and documents, your property and contents. A service that leaves you with an independent Home Inventory, that is easily accepted by the insurance suppliers and authorities.

Aussie Home Inventories come across clients, whom have started their own home inventory and never completed it. The inventory itself is either a DIY Home Inventory, or a half finished on-line inventory. Client's reasons for not completing the inventory are usually reported as, 'short of time' or 'inventory creation problems' primarily due to lack of skills or equipment. Either way the inventory is placed on the 'back burner'. Aussie Home Inventories is often contacted to complete the task after a recent event, or when an insurance issue has raised the task of inventory completion again. The client always wants the inventory to be completed asap, giving them the peace of mind they require.

Our aim in this article is to explain what you get for your 'home inventory dollars', when using a Home Inventory Service [HIS], to create an inventory for you. If you are thinking of creating your own home inventory, using a DIY method or on-line inventory service, then this article will be of interest to you, as it will give you information on an easy and quick alternative. AHI has inventory consultants that create inventories that are professional, accurate and speedily created being easily affordable. Saving you the time!

The accuracy, format, security and accessibility of a home inventory is crucial at the time of NEED, after a loss, when you have other things on your mind!

What You Get With An Aussie Home Inventory Is.....

Your Own Home Inventory Consultant Who:
  • Supply's professional, experienced and flexible options.
  • Collects all the inventory images and data.
  • Has a knowledge of disaster preparation and security issues, who loves to share information.
  • Is never to far away, often working in the area.
  • Is friendly, helpful & real!
Your Professional Home Inventory That:
  • Come in three options with customisable options to suit your needs.
  • Is supplied with an easy item reference information sheet.
  • Records all item's details.
  • Has two copies on CD or DVD.
  • Is suitable for estate planning.
  • Has optional Off-Site storage and Annual Updates.
  • Has an optional DVD recording of your home & premises.
  • Is easily admired by your friends and family.
  • Is backed by our Written Guarantee.
  • Contains a Certificate Of Inventory completion.
For detailed descriptions of home inventory options, costs, Q&A visit Aussie Home Inventories.

Copies Of The Inventory Are:
  • Easily stored in or outside the home, ie fire safe or with family members.
  • Stored at your request in a bank vault.
  • Easily arranged.
Your Inventory Is Easily Accessible & Forwarded At Your Request:
  • Via telephone or written request, supplying you with easy access at the time of trauma.
  • To the insurance company or authorities.
  • Via CD, delivery or registered post. Remember that after a storm your power and telecommunications may be down, rendering your PC useless in this situation.
HIS Security:
  • Our consultants arrive with validated ID & Police Clearance. Know this you are dealing with a trusted business.
  • Being professional and courteous our Home Inventory Consultant will respect your home and privacy, doing his / her best to make you feel at ease, whilst the inventory is in progress. If you wish to help us that is fine. At the end of the day we are just another professional passing through your home giving you the services that you need!
Personal & Inventory Data:
  • Your personal & inventory data is deleted from our laptop or PC, if there is no request for us to keep it on CD, for backup purposes or annual inventory updates.
  • We prove your ID with a secure system. No-one will have access to your inventory details, except ID validated owners of the inventory.
  • Your personal and inventory data is separate, coded and secure.
Client Support:
  • AHI is able to carry out your requests, [example: inventory forwarding], after a disaster if you are incapacitated.
  • For client support we are easily accessible during normal business hours, with an emergency number outside these hours. Our business is managed by Australians for Australians.
Other In-Home Services:
  • Optional purchase of various Fire Safety Equipment.
  • Optional purchase of a Fire Safe for inventory storage in the home.
The Cost:
  • Affordable home inventory options offered! Freeing your time and getting the inventory done. No skills needed on your side, except being able to pick up the phone and open the door.
The Savings:
  • Your time is Free to do other things.
  • We complete the inventory for you, at a time to suit you!
  • You can forget about trying to resize images, upload or download data, collect information, etc, that is what we do best.
The Outcome:
  • You are now prepared for any loss, be it natural disaster, emergency or theft. The complete home inventory allowing you to recover quickly after an event, saving you time and money.
As Well As Preparing You For Loss, People Use Our Inventories For:
  • Correcting insurance cover by realising any under-insurance.
  • Speeding up the process of any insurance claim by having 'on hand' accurate records.
  • Trying to maintain a standard of living after an event.
  • Easing the thought of relocation.
  • Creating a prenuptial agreement.
  • Realising their net worth when looking at estate and financial planning.
  • Realising what property is in storage at a glance.
  • Facilitating and expediting theft recovery.
  • Creating peace of mind knowing they are prepared.
  • Proving ownership in case of divorce settlement.
HELP is HERE Right NOW! Don't Wait For A Loss To Make You Act!

For those of you whom find the thought of doing a home inventory to daunting, whether it be a DIY Inventory or by using an On-Line Inventory Service, we hope this article has made you realise how EASY it is for your inventory to be completed, when you use a professional Home Inventory Service business such as Aussie Home Inventories.

Please contact Aussie Home Inventories for more information, to fully realise

How A Home Inventory Service Saves You Time & Money.

Detailed information on their Home Inventory options along with answers to visitors frequent questions, can be found on their website.

Aussie Home Inventories

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