Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Home Inventory Information Podcasts

Listen To Home Inventory Information On Your MP3 Player!
Listen To Home Inventory Information Podcasts, Whilst On The Move!

Easily Share This Home Inventory Information With Family & Friends Whom Have No Internet! Via a podcast!

When you have important information that you need to share, it is vital to increase the methods of distribution. As part of Aussie Home Inventories, 'Inventory Awareness Program', called 'SAFE', which stands for, 'Safe Archives for Future Events', our blogs are available via podcast. This means all the information is easily shared, via devices capable of playing podcasts & mp3 files! Instead of being stuck in front of the PC reading our blogs, you can now easily listen to the blog posts, on the go. Via your chosen music player or mobile phone. Importantly getting the message out there to share!

Aussie Home Inventories has added the feature of podcasts, to these two blog sites:

Home Inventory Service – Australia.

Property Inventory Service – Australia.

Our 'Inventory Awareness Program' is designed to increase the awareness of home and business owners, as to the importance of how Home Insurance Inventories, help in preparation for loss due to disaster, emergency and theft. We are all aware that climate change is no longer a theory! It has begun! Do we not seem to be suffering from more frequent and severe weather? You can help us, to help you by simply sharing the information on these blogs, with people that need to know! People that NEED HELP in being prepared!

Our blog can be listened to via subscription, or download to your PC. Each post has its own built in 'mp3 player'. Posts can be streamed in RSS readers, downloaded to IPods, MP3 players & mobile phones.

All of this audio enrichment has been made available due to enhancements in technology, as part of the services of Odiogo. Odiogo is a solution for converting RSS feeds into audio enriched feeds, a very useful tool for any blogger wishing to increase their audience! The Odiogo audio enriched feeds allow bloggers to become podcasters! Ideal for people wanting to source information and listen to it whilst on the go!

Create Your Own Podcast In Minutes

Available audio feeds and widgets are listed here for your use. We encourage you add the widgets to your sites.

Audio Enriched RSS Feeds.

Odiogo RSS Feed, for itunes, juice, readers, downloads & listening to podcasts.

Odiogo Control Page.

- Home Inventory Service - Australia.

Odiogo - Audio Enriched Feeds - Property Inventory Service - Australia.

These pages allow you to perform a 1-click subscription of the Odiogo feed to major podcast clients, (iTunes, Juice). Please note that the text content is embedded into the audio file, and can be viewed through the lyrics option of your iPod and on some other mp3 players. Help on setting up your iPod with Odiogo, can be found on their blog at: blog.odiogo.com.

Use these same web pages to also:

  • Subscribe to Web RSS readers such as 'My Yahoo', netvibes, google, etc.
  • Add the audio to your social and personal pages like Facebook, Digg, etc.
  • Stream the audio articles of this blog.
  • Listen to the individual audio posts.

Odiogo for Mobile Devices.

To listen to the audio on your mobile phone simply enter the following link into your mobile phones browser. You can now listen to our blogs on the go and share!


You may also wish to check out our Mobile Blog post for more information.


Please use our widgets on your sites and blogs. The widgets can be adjusted to suit your sites individual parameters. Visit our Widget Directory for more information.

Information Sharing.

The sharing and spreading of information is crucial for Aussie Home Inventories to be able to meet its aim of creating more of an awareness amongst home and business owners. To assist with the development of this Inventory Awareness Program they are asking for readers of their blogs to think of a way they can share, or inform someone of this vital information. Are you aware on someone whom has suffered a loss in a fire or flood? Or suffered a loss from theft? There are a lot of people whom need better Preparation For Loss! Let us together increase the awareness!

If you are reading this article and think you may have a good idea, on ways to increase the sharing of this information, then contact us.

Lastly, do not forget to visit Odiogo Odiogo - Audio Enriched Feeds on there website, odiogo.com, and get your blog podcast ready today!

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