Thursday, 21 February 2008

Community Inventory Awareness Program - SAFE

A Program To Increase Inventory Awareness In The Community
Community Inventory Awareness Is On The Increase!

Finally A Program That Has The Goal Of Helping Homes & Families To Be Prepared For Loss By Taking Inventory!

Aussie Home Inventories is accelerating into top gear with their 'Community Inventory Awareness Program', called SAFE - [Secure Archives for Future Events].

This program aims to increase the awareness of Australian home and business owners, of the advantages of having an up to date inventory, of their assets.

As any Insurance Supplier will tell you, an inventory of all personal property and business property is vital for the claim process, making the process accurate and quick.

Whilst most people are aware of this fact, there are still many whom are unaware there is are Home Inventory Services available in Australia. Services that will get the home or business inventory, completed accurately and quickly. Increasing the awareness of Home Inventory Services, along with Home Inventory Information is the key.

Aussie Home Inventories is therefore making the information on its Global Inventory Information Network of site as accessible as possible. Using the technology of the internet and electronic devices, their blogs are:

  • Audio enriched.
  • Available on mobile, ipod, mp3 players.
  • Full of information that can be read, listened to, downloaded, shared easily on PC & MAC.
  • Available as a newspaper download.
  • Have posts that are in 'pdf' format available for download or email.
  • Easily shared via 'widgets'. Information is easily added to other blogs and websites. Information Aussie Home Inventories feels, needs to be shared.
  • Easily translated into many languages.

Aussie Home Inventories has created the 'Home Inventory Australia Discussion Group', where users are encouraged to share Home Inventory Information with other like minded parties.

As Aussie Home Inventories increases it's Community Inventory Awareness Program, all information and developments will be posted on their blog, Home Inventory Service - Australia.

If you are an active member of a New South Wales based community, wanting to see an increase in community preparation for loss, then read our article on Increasing Community Awareness Of Home & Business Inventories.

The sharing and spreading of information is crucial, for Aussie Home Inventories to be able to meet its aim, of creating more of an awareness amongst home and business owners. To assist with the development of this 'Community Inventory Awareness Program', they are asking for readers and visitors to their blogs, to think of any additional way they can share, or inform someone of this vital information.

Are You Aware Of Someone Whom Has Suffered A Loss Due To Fire, Flood Or Theft?

Do You Know Of Anyone Who Could Be Prone To Suffering A Loss, When The Next Fire Season Starts?

There are a lot of people whom need better preparation for loss! As Aussie Home Inventories is unable to supply this information to everyone, they are asking for help to increase the awareness!

Aussie Home Inventories is offering the audio enriched blog posts on CD. If you would like a copy of their Home Inventory Service – Australia information CD, or Home Inventory Service brochure call them today.

Spreading the knowledge of Home Inventory Services in Australia, is crucial to this Community Inventory Awareness Program succeeding. We look forward to your help and thank you in advance.

Aussie Home Inventories

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