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Moving Inventory With Aussie Home Inventories Is Just Too Easy!

Home Relocation Inventories - Record Your Valuables Before You Move
Would You Like Your Next Relocation To Be A Moving Experience?

can be a stressful time and everyone would like it to be a quick, simple and straight forward process! Some people say it can be as stressful as 'getting married!' There are procedures that can easily be put in place, greatly increasing 'peace of mind'. Making the whole process of moving home and relocation, enjoyable! Procedures that safe guard 'these movers', from the unforeseen realities that may occur in the moving process. These realities being damage to, or loss of, hard earned possessions!

At Aussie Home Inventories, the 'moving and relocation process', is known to commence well before home contents are placed in their cardboard cocoons! The process finishing once the home has been settled into. This 'settling time' often taking a few months!

Let us explain what we mean here, by this 'settling time'. The first thing to realise is that the process of moving and relocation, is much more than a trip in the car, with your household contents following somewhere in a van! Ask yourself these questions:
  • What do you know about the crime rate of the area you are moving into?
  • Have you looked at the security aspects of your home? Does it back onto vacant land and who are your neighbours?
  • What security features does the new home have, and are they fully functional?
These questions need answers! Before the moving process starts. To allow this awareness to create solutions, to being prepared. Take a moment and focus on, 'loss caused by theft'. STOP!

Think what a burglar may know about this new location, about your new home!
  • Your new home has been advertised as, 'New Goods To Arrive Soon!' WHOOPS! By the real estate agent!
  • You are most likely unaware of the security and crime issues in this new area. If you asked the previous home owners or real estate agent they most likely, GUESS WHAT? Reported NO crime, or security issues in the area! NO PROBLEMS! After all their main objective is to SELL the home! Did you visit the police station?
  • Your new home may have been unoccupied for a short time, giving the burglar the edge on checking out the best entry point!
Usually when people move and relocate they reduce home contents, pack the boxes and move. Arriving in the new home to reduce some of those contents again! Replacing contents with new items that fit more harmoniously, into their new surroundings! Never leave these item's cardboard boxes outside the home! They make a statement! This is a very exciting time for a burglar, as you are now advertising what you have inside your home!

Some home owners are often unaware of their new surroundings and home's security, forgetting to turn alarm systems on when not in the routine! They often take weeks to have an alarm installed! At this time, home and contents are vulnerable to theft!

Suffering a loss through theft and having no inventory makes it difficult to prove what was stolen! There is no record to expedite theft recovery!

Another issue is where the insurance cover has been amended for the properties value, but not for the properties contents. The contents value is often carried over from the old property, not taking into account, those unwanted home contents that were discarded and the new ones added! It is anyone's guess as to what the contents are accurately worth at this time! This could be one of the many reasons why 35% of Australian homes, have contents that are under-insured!

Could you recover from a loss if you were found to be 25% under-insured on your contents?

If your contents are worth $55,000, that is a BIG LOSS! Of course like most people this task of sitting down one day and taking inventory and correct the contents cover seems to get forgotten! The contents cover remains unknown and usually under-insured! Yet again there is another reason for having a property and contents inventory! Nobody wants to be under-insured! So why do so many people take this risk, at such a vulnerable time? Well, not being aware of the situation, the risk and possible outcomes can be the reason!

Get Your Inventory Started Tomorrow! - Click To Learn MoreWell as you are now aware, it is time to act. Time to get that home inventory taken! Aussie Home Inventories aims to make 'people aware', of how easy it is to be prepared!

It is important to realise that when you move and relocate, you are increasing the risk of loss to your valued possessions, what you have worked hard for during your working lives! What you NEED is a professional accurate record of what you are moving!

A Relocation / Moving Inventory supplies you with this accurate record, of what you are about to box! All details are recorded using digital photography which supplies evidence of condition and proof of ownership, at that time. This Relocation / Moving Inventory can be extended to show all of the items details such as serial, model, manufacturer, cost, etc, when used in conjunction with added written or database details.

At Aussie Home Inventories our independent inventories, can be tailored to suit your needs. That is our business and that is what we are professional about!

For those of you sold on the idea of taking inventory yourself, Aussie Home Inventories offers two DIY Home Inventory Lists, available for download from their main website & blogs.

With your accurate Relocation / Moving Inventory it is time for the day of relocation! You arrive at your new home knowing that if any damage or loss has occurred in the relocation process, you have full documentation to prove this. You have documentation that will allow you to prove ownership and condition of property in case of loss through disaster, emergency or theft. Over the next few weeks of 'settling time' you can finalise your home security and optimise your home insurance contents cover.

Aussie Home Inventories offers clients an Annual Update Program with frequent updates to inventories backed with safe and secure Off-Site Storage.

Moving Inventory With Aussie Home Inventories Is Just To Easy! Well That Is What Their Customers Say!

For more information on how their home inventory options can HELP YOU! Call Aussie Home Inventories TODAY or visit their website.

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