Sunday, 3 February 2008

Online Survey - Home Inventories And Under-Insurance

A Survey Into The Awareness Of Under-Insurance & Home Inventory Services
Did You Know You Can Be Under-Insured & Not Know Until You Make A Claim?

Do You Want To Know Why Under-Insurance Remains Hidden?

Aussie Home Inventories is asking Australian home owners for their help, in participation with an on-line survey on, Home Inventories & Under-Insurance.

Under-Insurance is a major problem in Australia, reported often in the media by insurance businesses and interested parties. There seems to be an endless amount of information available on how to fix the problem. Yet each year the problem is still apparent! With more natural disasters and more claims, the Australian home owner is not 'getting a fair deal!'

At Aussie Home Inventories we feel an area that needs improvement is the awareness of the home owner with regards to this Under-Insurance. Most home owners are unaware of the fact, they may already be under-insured.

Only When It's Too Late, At The Time Of Claim Do They Find Out!

If more awareness of the under-insurance problem is created in the beginning, with solutions to keeping insurance cover at a correct level, it can only mean faster and more accurate claims. One solution into keeping the insurance cover at a correct level, especially on home contents is the Home Inventory. An inventory when correctly performed will accurately show the home owners worth and insurance cover optimisation can be carried out. This accurate record of assets, assists in any future claim by reducing confusion over contents covered and increases the claim process dramatically. This has to be a win - win situation for all parties involved.

Aussie Home Inventories is therefore asking for the help of home owners in completing a survey into Home Inventories & Under-Insurance.

  • To collect anonymous information from Australian home owners.
  • Share the results with the Home Inventory community via Aussie Home Inventories website.
  • Learn more about the understanding by Australian home owners of the importance of home inventories, with regard to under-insurance.
  • Increase the service to clients by knowing what areas of improvement / awareness need to be changed.
All survey responses will be completely anonymous and no personal information will be shared. Survey results will only be displayed in aggregate.

  • The survey will run to the end of the quarter and then be repeated with changes if needs be.
  • All results will be published on the website of Aussie Home Inventories within two weeks of survey end.
  • Survey takes less than 5 minutes and is an easy one page form.
  • Plan to answer all the questions.
Click the survey button to start the Home Inventories & Under-Insurance Survey.

Access to the survey is also available on their website. All enquires regarding this survey should be made to
Aussie Home Inventories.

Nobody Wins Backing Under-Insurance!

Aussie Home Inventories

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