Monday, 4 February 2008

Photographic Assignments For Business Or Personal Use

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Are You Lacking The Time, Skills Or Manpower To Get An Important Photograph Taken?

Aussie Home Inventories wants to hear from anyone who could use a Photographic Assignment service. This professional service will allow businesses based in major cities and outside the Mid-North coast area of New South Wales, to obtain photographic images easily and quickly. A service offering the ideal solution to reducing travel time and manpower hours outside the head office.

Primarily designed to record images related to the property of homes and business. This service is offered to all parties involved in:

  • Insurance : Equipment lease : Financial & estate planning : Archival records.
  • Real Estate Property Management : Personal / Business property.
  • Investment properties : Renters : Legal matters.
  • Prenuptial agreements : Divorce settlement : Bank & building societies.

All Photographic Assignments feature:

  • Digital recording that is accurate, with quick turn around times.
  • Images stored on CD/DVD media.
  • Date stamped images with included assignment details.
  • Easily transmittable data for fast delivery.

Aussie Home Inventories is a business primarily involved in the creation of Digital Photographic Inventories for home and business owners.

Information for businesses on the advantages of Photographic Assignments and Inventory Services can be found on their website for direct download. Two of the documents are:

The Features & Benefits Of An Inventory To The Insurance Supplier.

The Features & Benefits Of Digital Photographic Assignments.

If you would like to know more how this Photographic Assignment Service can help you, call Aussie Home Inventories.

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