Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Questions For Your Insurance Supplier - Understanding Your Insurance

Making Sure You Understand Your Insurance Better

Do You Fully Understand Your Insurance Policy?

Are You 100% Sure The Insurance Supplier Has Your Home, Your Investment Correctly Insured?

What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Insurance Supplier?

Aussie Home Inventories is asking all home and investment property owners, to make sure they ask more questions to their insurance supplier. Everyone needs to be more aware, of how their policy covers their property and contents, to make sure they are not one of the under-insured.

How Aware Are You?

Take the Aussie Home Inventories Under-Insurance Survey TODAY! Under-Insurance is often not known until, the time of claim. By that time it is too late, and there is a LOSS that is not covered! Guess who is paying the loss?

Aussie Home Inventories wants you to give your insurance supplier, a Call Today! Get the answers you deserve, when you are concerned about making sure your cover is correct! See what answers, your insurance supplier has to the following questions:

  • Is there a possibility I may be under-insured, with my property and contents cover?
  • What happens if I am under-insured on the property and suffer a loss?
  • What happens if I am under-insured on the contents and suffer a loss?
  • What proof of ownership do you require at the time of loss?
  • How can I find out if there is Under-Insurance on my property and contents?
  • What are you doing to create more awareness, of the fact that under-insurance is a problem in Australia?
  • Why do you not remind me at renewal time, for a list of new purchases throughout the year, and also new decorations and renovations?
  • How is the increase in the premium worked out for property and contents?
  • What procedure have you in place to make sure my insurance cover is correct at all times?
  • What discounts do you offer for a professionally completed home inventory of contents?
  • Do you know of any home inventory service able to take the inventory for me, as I do not have time or skills?

Making sure you ask more from your insurance supplier now, will provide a win win situation for the both of you. Being underpaid with a claim or not at all, due to proof of ownership being questionable, is not an outcome any property owner wants! As more Australian home owners possess Accurate Home Inventories of their property and contents, it makes the process of a claim a lot more easier.

Aussie Home Inventories would like to hear of your feedback on the, 'Questions For Your Insurance Supplier', please contact us to share your information.

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