Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Home Inventory Service Brochure

Home Inventory Service Brochure By - Aussie Home Inventories
Are You Looking For A Home Inventory Service Information Brochure, In Australia?

Would You Like To Keep Your Clients Better Informed, Of Available Property Recording & Documentation Services?

Aussie Home Inventories is proud to present you with their Home Inventory Service Brochure. The FIRST Home Inventory Service Brochure in Australia! The brochure is aimed at all homes, tenants and landlords whom are looking to take inventory. If you are a business with clients wishing to keep up to date on services on inventories for personal / legal use, then this brochure is an ideal solution for you.

The Home Inventory Service brochure summaries:
  • The Advantages Of A Home Inventory & WHY YOU NEED ONE!
  • What Home Inventory Service Options Are Offered.
  • How Aussie Home Inventories HELPS YOU!
  • Statistics On The Under-Insurance Problem In Australia.

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Aussie Home Inventories has an Inventory Awareness Program known as SAFE, [Secure Archives for Future Events]. A program whose aim is to increase the awareness of the Australian homeowner, as to the importance of being prepared for loss through disaster, emergency or theft.

They offer a Home Inventory Service that is easily tailored to suit the needs of the client. Whether you are looking for a simple photographic inventory, database inventory or a written inventory, Aussie Home Inventories has the solution for you!

Contact Aussie Home Inventories TODAY to see how they can HELP YOU! FREE Brochures will be posted on request!

Create Your Inventory Using The Same Home Inventory Software The Professionals Use

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