Monday, 17 March 2008

Increasing Community Awareness Of Home & Business Inventories

Sharing Inventory Information In The Community
Would You Like To See More Of Your Community Taking Action In Being Prepared?

Are You Looking For A Voice, To Spread The Importance Of Recording Property Before Loss?

Aussie Home Inventories
is a major driving force in increasing local community awareness, to 'The Importance Of Home & Business Inventories'. By offering Inventory Consultants, as speakers for community meetings, it is gaining a better understanding of the issues involved in the community, and spreading the information on home and business inventory services.

Community groups seeking a speaker for meetings, should contact their office for more information. Community areas covered on the Mid-North coast of New South Wales, are from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie.

Recently released audio enriched articles by Aussie Home Inventories are creating a complete, 'Home & Business Inventory Audio Information Guide'. To generate awareness in YOUR AUDIENCE, contact Aussie Home Inventories to learn more about this exciting development, and how you can become involved. To learn how you can access their Inventory Information via many different forms of media, read their article on Creating A Community Inventory Awareness Program - SAFE.

Being actively involved in the community, means Aussie Home Inventories is aware that communities have a large number of people needing help. Assistance and advice is often required on:
  • Issues of LOSS through disaster, emergency or theft.
  • Assisting and expediting the recovery of stolen items.
  • Proving ownership in case of divorce.
  • Easing the management of investment properties and increasing tenant retention.
  • Optimising insurance cover, making sure there is no under-insurance and speeding up the claim process.
  • The joining of households and creating a prenuptial agreement.
  • Relocation of home and contents with 'settling in' to an often unknown environment.
A Home Or Business Inventory is YOUR TOOLKIT when needing HELP with these issues. Aussie Home Inventories is the VEHICLE delivering that TOOLKIT!

For professional advice, help and assistance contact Aussie Home Inventories today.

Aussie Home Inventories

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