Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Memory Loss - Helping To Stop Property Loss

Documented Property Is Not Easily Forgotten
Nobody wants to think of what it would be like to lose their property, be it the home, the business, or contents!

The facts of life though, are it can and it does happen sometimes, where property is lost through disaster, emergency or theft!

With natural disasters and emergency there is very little warning for protection! Theft is not known about, until after the event!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose your property?

How you would cope at that time and after the event?

If so, what procedures have you in place to slow down the loss, and increase the recovery process?

Imagine what it would be like to arrive home after a loss, when everything is damaged beyond recognition, or gone!

How can anyone at that time be expected to remember what they had?

It is a difficult task even for the best of us!

Therefore it makes sense for everyone to be prepared to the best of their ability! Some of us like to think, we would be able to remember most of the items missing, as we are so familiar with them on an everyday basis. Well! Let us look at that in more detail and see what we can remember, when not suffering from stress or loss!

Is your memory really good enough to stop lost property?

To find out take the Aussie Home Inventories - Lost Property Test.

Record It Before You Lose It!

The Lost Property Test works better, if taken by a household member whom is unaware that they will be asked to take the test, as there is no pre-thinking and learning of the property and contents. Lets face it, in a loss situation you would have no time or head space to walk around the home, recording every item to memory.

OK! So how did you go? Did you manage to remember 50% or 75%?

It's amazing what cannot be remembered when it's something commonly used, or even seen every day. Of course that's not forgetting all those items in cupboards and draws, furnishings and objects on the walls.

Well if you got 100%! Congratulations are well in order!

Remember though after a large loss, you will be going around the whole of the property!

If you're like most people, where the results are a lot less on the Lost Property Test, how long do you think it would take, to remember those items forgotten? Days, weeks, months, etc! A difficult task if you're being asked by the insurance supplier or authorities. To make it worse they may want full details, values, proof of purchase or ownership! And if the loss was through theft, time is of the essence when it comes to better recovery of stolen items!

All is not lost though, as Aussie Home Inventories can simply forward you the inventory, you had taken before the event. You are lucky as you made the decision to be one of the prepared households in the street! You can simply forward the information to the insurance supplier or authorities. Of course Aussie Home Inventories can do that on your behalf. An even simpler solution!

Recovery should be easy when people are prepared for the worst! Remember this!

People always PREPARE for the WORST, after a LOSS!

Be SMART! CALL Aussie Home Inventories TODAY.
To Be Prepared For TOMORROW!

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