Monday, 7 April 2008

Insuring Miracles Happen - Reducing The Risk Of Loss

Why Gamble With Your Hard Earned Possessions
During The Recovery From Loss, One Thing Is For Sure, No Miracle Is Going To Happen Unless You Acted & Prepared Before The Event!

For many people the thought of being prepared for loss is never acted upon. After all, we think it will happen to someone else, so why bother! Strange though, as those same people are instantly, 'the converted', after suffering a loss. Being prepared, is on the tip of their tongue, for the rest of their lives! Believing, they could be the first in the firing line! The truth is, loss is random, preparation is not, active preparation always helps before and after the event!

Easy affordable preparation should be to spend a little, to save a lot. Better than spending a lot, to save little! Out of the following two scenarios which would you choose?
  • Call a Home Inventory Service and pay from 250 dollars for an inventory of the contents of your home. If you were then to suffer a loss from disaster, emergency or theft, you have the information needed to recover quickly.
  • Call the insurance company after a loss, pay the excess 250 to 500 dollars or more in some cases, risking the chance to be told that you are under-insured, some items did not have the correct cover, or there are issues proving ownership, due to lack of documentation. For whatever reason, guess who is paying the loss? The property owner! The insurance assessor, is just never going to 'click his fingers' and produce the miracle list, of lost items! How much would you pay him to produce that list though, at this time? A fortune, if it existed!
Well, it does not cost a fortune to be prepared, all it costs is a phone call and the cost of the inventory service. A small price to pay for the protection, the peace of mind it supplies.

Would not the ideal situation during trauma and distress, be for the insurance company to ring and say, “All the details of your inventory have been received, we will be dealing with your claim quickly!”

Now if that makes sense, Aussie Home Inventories wants to hear from you now, to assist and help you! Remember this, the good things that happen to those suffering from loss, are the direct result of action taken before the loss. Preparation and action mean you are always in control of your own miracles! It is easy to make sure those miracles happen to you!

Spending a little, could save you big dollars! Aussie Home Inventories gets started on protecting your contents from loss, for about the cost of your excess. It makes sense to protect what you have, to spend money on protecting something, than on recovering nothing!

Call Aussie Home Inventories today! Get prepared tomorrow!

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