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Deceased Estate Inventories - How To Remember Loved Ones

Deceased Estate Inventories - Recording The Life Of Loved Ones
The Recording Of A Deceased Estate Can Be So Much More, Than An Inventory Of Property!

It Can Become A Memory Capsule, Recording The Life Of A Loved One!

Aussie Home Inventories
, is offering it's inventory recording services, to families interested in recording the property and contents of loved family members. Property can be easily recorded as directed, allowing for memories to be enhanced and captured.

The Deceased Estate Inventory is the ideal service, to assist the executors of the deceased estates. Recording the property prior to any possible chance of dispute, theft, or loss through fraudulent activity. No one at this time of loss, needs more grief!

As a way of remembering those loved family members, Aussie Home Inventories is able to record personal items and property. Creating a simple record / archive for future viewing, increasing the sharing of memories between family members.

Often Property & Contents Is Sold, All To Quickly With No Attention To Recording Those Memories!

As part of the executor's required inventory of assets and property, there may be a need for the personal property to be recorded. Property when recorded has a better chance of being recovered if stolen, whilst the estate is being handled. Often homes of the deceased are more prone to theft, due to them being unoccupied.

The Deceased Estate Inventory, is proof of presence at that time and date. Normally personal property, furniture, clothing and personal effects are valued at a second-hand value. Assessments should be based on the original cost, modified by a realistic allowance for depreciation or appreciation. Most items show a drop rather than an increase in value. Notable exceptions are usually coins, stamps, paintings, valuable furniture and jewellery. Valuables should be the subject of a professional valuation and the temptation to undervalue these items should be resisted.

A Photographic Deceased Estate Inventory is best taken as soon as possible after the event, to record the moment, environment and also protect against unnecessary losses.

Family heirlooms and items of sentimental value, are easily included into the inventory and can be also photographed for personal reasons.

Aussie Home Inventories is there to help at this time of need. Call them today for assistance in creating a Deceased Estate Memory Capsule for you.

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