Thursday, 22 May 2008

Express Home Inventory - Recording Your Property In A Flash

The Express Inventory From AHI - Click To Learn More Are You Looking For A Simple Solution To Getting Started On Recording Your Property & Contents?

Aussie Home Inventories
is offering the 'Express Home Inventory', a quick 'walk around recording', of your home and contents. If you never have the time to record your major assets, then the 'Express Home Inventory' is the easy option from Aussie Home Inventories. This will allow you to own a simple visual recording.

As professionals, Aussie Home Inventories always recommends a complete Home Inventory Service, as full details are recorded. Details that not just assist in the case of loss and recovery from disaster, but also enhance and expedite the recovery of property after theft. This 'Express Home Inventory' is offered as a simple solution for anyone wanting a recording of their property and contents. Remember, loss is random whilst preparation is not! The 'Express Home Inventory' is ideal for those on a limited budget such as students, renters or anyone whom is finding it difficult to obtain insurance cover. Having a record is sure going to increase the chances of recovery after theft!

Having some form of Home Inventory, of your 'hard earned possessions and sentimental items', sure beats having no inventory at all! All inventories supplied by Aussie Home Inventories are professional, accurate and easily accepted by the authorities and insurance suppliers.

For more details on the Express Home Inventory option from Aussie Home Inventories visit their website.
How To Expedite Theft Recovery!

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