Friday, 6 June 2008

Alzheimers Takes Property - Record It Before You Forget It

Record It Before You Lose It

Are you aware, your memory loses it's ability to remember everyday items, as you get older?

Most people over fifty, are at risk of suffering some kind of memory loss. Other reasons for memory loss can be the disease, [Alzheimers], diet, drugs, alcohol, mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Over the years you will have collected valuables, sentimental items and have in your home, your hard earned possessions. Have you thought about the subject of loss, what methods have you in place to remember and recall your property.

Are you willing to take the gamble and rely on your memory?

You may be in for a nasty suprise! Why not take our memory test, to check your memory.

Record It Before You Lose It!

Memory loss studies have shown, that a third of the people tested out of a group of 6000, had some problem with the quality of their memory. As we get older, our memory reduces its ability to create new memories, recall is often more difficult from long term memory. Greater effort is needed to learn new things, and it is difficult to pay attention, to one thing at a time.

Does this sound familiar to you, or do you know of anyone with these symptoms?

If you are one of the 'baby boomers' you may be finding your, 'power of the mind' is being slowly reduced.

It therefore makes sense to have your valuables recorded just in case. A professional recording of all property and contents, will assist you in being able to recall and prove, what you had prior to loss. Giving you the time to recover quickly with less trauma. It is not just a simple matter, of not remembering what you had when you know you had something, the concern is not realising 'the something', was there at all!

For help and assistance in not wanting Alzheimers to take your property call Aussie Home Inventories today!


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