Monday, 16 June 2008

Bumping Into Your Property - The Invisible Burglar

Imagine Arriving Home To Find A Burglar Has Visited Your Home! There Are NO Signs Of Break & Enter, Just The Loss! How Are You Going To Prove There Was A Break-In?

On The Increase, Is A System That Allows A Burglar Entry To Common Types Of Lock! It Pays To Be Aware & Prepared Of This Problem!

Lock Bumping is a term that many of us, will not be to familiar with. So what does it mean? Well, for the uninitiated, it is a term applied to a method that allows access to property, by manipulating the lock. The lock is manipulated in such away, that unauthorised access is given to the property, leaving no damage to the lock.

More concerning, is the fact that where valuables are taken, there is no sign of 'break and enter'. In a scenario like this, you are going to have to work very hard to prove the case, that what you are reporting as stolen, was in fact there in the first place. Insurance companies and the authorities, will be wanting details on any signs of, 'break and enter' and proof of ownership. Without these details, you may find yourself feeling, as if you are being accused of a fraudulent activity.

'Lock Bumping', 'Bump Keying', 'Bumping Method', are all terms used to describe the technique, of opening a regular pin tumbler lock. The method uses a specially modified key, that can open most Australian locks of this type. The method has been known for sometime, but recently has become more common, with information being posted on the internet. Remember, there is no evidence of damage to the lock. In Australia the majority of pin tumbler locks use only thirty different key profiles! Australian lock manufacturers, have been working on ways to eliminate the technique, by creating new styles of locks and tumblers.

So How Can You Protect Yourself?

Firstly, a call to the insurance supplier is a good start, to see what procedures they have in place to assist, if it happened to your property. Secondly even with no evidence of 'break and enter', you are still going to be asked for documentation, on the reported stolen items, to prove ownership and presence of the items missing. Therefore recording your contents before makes common sense, as this will be, the proof you need. Photographic evidence provides proof of ownership and presence, and can be easily date stamped during creation. 

Contacting a locksmith will make you aware of whether your locks are vulnerable, to 'lock bumping'. Be aware that not all locksmiths, will be too responsive to your line of discussion. Afterall you are questioning their credibility, and of what they are selling. You need to find a locksmith who is aware of the problem and is offering solutions, to affected customers and ones that want to be prepared.

An easy solution to eliminate lock bumping, is to eliminate the key! The latest technology available, now offers you the chance to fit your home with biometric locks. These are the James Bond of locks, a fingerprint lock giving you a better chance of keeping the burglar outside your home. 

Contacting the insurance supplier and locksmith, is the easy part of the process, but where do you start on recording your property and contents? This is where a Home Inventory Service, can assist in professionally recording valuables and sentimental items, leaving you with a documented record, the information you require to prove ownership.

Call Aussie Home Inventories a Home Inventory Service based on the Mid-North of New South Wales to get your inventory taken. Increase your Home Security by visiting Home Security Tips.

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