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Insurance Property Loss - Burned Fingers - Stories Of Loss

Could We Do More To Reduce The Chance Of Loss?
Have You Suffered A Loss?

Could The Recovery Process Have Been Better If More Preparation Had Been Carried Out?

Suffering a loss of property is understandably, a major trauma for most people. It is during the time of recovery, that people wish they had done more, in the task of preparation. To prepare not just their property, but themselves for the outcome and recovery. If you have suffered a loss, could the recovery time have been reduced? Would you like to share your story with others?

When preparation can make a difference, it is often ignored or put off until it is to late, as it is not seen as important enough, at that time. People may be aware of recent burglaries, but do not get around to fixing the security system, until after the break-in. Many home owners are unaware they are under-insured, until they make a claim, thus any loss not covered is at the property owners expense.

In preparation for loss, it always pays to have a property inventory, where property and contents are fully recorded and documented. This results in more accurate claims and the chance of faster, more frequent theft recovery.

Aussie Home Inventories is seeking information from individuals, whom realise they could have done more, to be better prepared. If you have suffered a loss through natural disaster, emergency or theft, they would like to hear from you. To hear of your stories, stories that will be shared with other readers of this blog. The aim is to help others, to be better prepared. You may wish to supply information on:
  • What was you loss?
  • How long it took to recover?
  • Were you insured?
  • How did your insurance supplier help with the loss?
  • Was you insurance correct, or were you under-insured?
  • Could better documentation of property, have assisted with recovery?
  • What was the outcome?
  • What would you do different next time?
  • Finally what vital advice would you like to offer someone else?
Information can be easily forwarded to their offices via email, or they can be contacted directly. All submitted information will be used anonymously to compile a list of reasons, why people need to be more prepared, learning from the examples of why people did not. The data will be used to compile articles, that will be posted on Aussie Home Inventories websites.

If you thought you were prepared and found you were not, Aussie Home Inventories calls this the 'Burned Fingers' syndrome. Remember this is a place to share your stories, to let others learn, to encourage them to get prepared.

As of June 2009 we have created an additional blog to our network:

This blog has been developed to create an awareness of the fact that preparation and protection from the Insurance Company is also needed. We look at this need, as being another reason for the creation of a Home Inventory in some cases.

Send us your story if your Insurance Supplier has not shown Good Faith! Termed often as BAD FAITH INSURANCE. We will be listing information / help resources on this site.

Read the story of Reny Deren, where his house was forgotten after a storm, and not repaired correctly by the Insurance Company's contractor.

Even with an engineers report stating obvious repairs needed at once, little was done allowing the house to end up being totally wrecked. And this has been created by a large Insurer here in Australia! It sure makes you wonder who should have got the sack for this blunder! Like Reny's new found damp rot this insurer does not seem to care one litlle bit about Good Faith! Show support for Reny and others by visiting:

Insurance Claim Bad Faith Information.

This story will make your BLOOD BOIL!

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