Thursday, 28 August 2008

Evacuate Your Home In 10 Minutes - Video

Helping You To Plan For Evacuating Your Home
How Long Would It Take You To Evacuate Your Family From Your Home?

Are You Prepared Enough To be Able To Get Out In 10 Minutes, With What You Need?

Two families take the Ten Minute Challenge to see if they can evacuate their homes in just ten minutes. Family Number 1 have prepared ahead of time and know what to pack, and who will do it. Family Number 2 have not!

The Insurance Information Institute says the key is to plan ahead. You will need to gather:
  • Insurance Policies.
  • Wills & Deeds.
  • Marriage Licenses.
  • Home Inventory.
  • Financial Documents.

Be sure to pack medicines, toiletries, and clothing for three days. Candysse Miller of the Insurance Information Institute of California says families should ask themselves, "If I had just ten minutes to get out, what would I take?" - Source Insurance Information Institute of California.

Aussie Home Inventories
can supply you with all the information you need, to create the Home Inventory needed in cases such as this. Simply use their DIY Home Inventory List or call their office, to book a Home Inventory Option now.

Their Home Emergency Preparation brochure is packed full of useful information, which will help you and your family to make the procedure of evacuation, a lot easier. You can find information on how to create your own Evacuation Kits / Disaster Plans by visiting Aussie Home Inventories website: Suggestions / Tips - Family & Home Preparation. 

Find out what happens when a whole community does not heed the 'Evacuation Calling'. This was the case during the Grafton Floods in 2001, when 90% of the community ignored the call! [Source Emergency Management Australia].

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