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Property Condition Reports - Efficient Property Management

Property Condition Report - AustraliaWhen A Picture Says A Thousand Words!

Landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities, with regards to the rental of property. To create a fair set of rules for landlords and tenants, along with introducing legislative requirements for the 'written tenancy agreement', the Residential Tenancies Act commenced on 30th October 1989. This agreement consists of two parts, part 1 relates to the 'Terms Of The Agreement', and part 2 relates to a 'Property Condition Report', known as a 'PCR'.

The Property Condition Report is simply an inventory of the property, taken prior to the start of tenancy, noting the condition of the property.

Aussie Home Inventories are specialists in the area of documenting property and contents and are offering landlords, tenants, lodgers and students the opportunity to have a Property Condition Report compiled.

They prepare a concise Property Condition Report which details the condition of the property, room by room, noting any inclusions or dilapidations. The landlord & tenant, and in cases where the property is managed, the agent, all receive a copy of this property condition report. The tenant may add additional comments and must return the condition report to the landlord / agent within seven days of the start of lease. The original report and the report returned by the tenant are both then used at the end of a tenancy to ensure the property is returned in the same condition, with consideration given to 'fair wear and tear' accepted. The Property Condition Report usually comprises of a written description accompanied by photographs or video when requested.

Information on the process of tenancy, with respect to bond lodgement / refund, property condition reports, inspections and 'fair wear and tear, is easily explained in a download called Tenancy Tips, supplied by the Tenants Union, ACT. Please refer to your own individual states Tenants Assistance Organisation for advice. New South Wales - Tenants Organisation.

Aussie Home Inventories supplies independent Property Condition Reports that can save landlords and tenants considerable time and money in the event of a dispute, or avoid the dispute in the first case.

At tribunal hearings, photographic evidence is more commonly supporting claims and disputes, being supplied as evidence of property condition.

If you are managing a property and would like a professional independent Property Condition Report, then call Aussie Home Inventories for assistance.

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