Friday, 19 September 2008

Photo Insurance Inventory - DIY Photo Inventory Creator

FREE Photo Insurance Inventory Creator
Are You Looking For A Simple Solution To Creating An Inventory Of Property?

A Photo Inventory Creator That Uses Only Your Browser!

Aussie Home Inventories offers home owners many ways to get an inventory taken of property and contents. The latest inventory offerings from this mid North coast of New South Wales based Home Inventory Service, is their FREE Photo Insurance Inventory Creator.

"This is one of the easiest ways to get started, on getting an inventory created for most home owners. Those that have been putting it off, for to long", said Andrew Goodfellow, Inventory Consultant at Aussie Home Inventories. "Besides offering printed Home Inventory Lists, and a full suite of In-Home Inventory Services, we realise that some people like to make choices, and this is what is being offered here."

This latest offering is not an online inventory service, but a simple piece of software that runs in the browser, making the creation of a basic home inventory, very easy. The inventory is created room by room, with items name, description, value and digital image. These are the basic requirements for recording property.

"We are hoping that by offering this simple solution, that more people will get around to taking inventory, especially those that have still been putting it off. Now there is no excuse for anyone not to have an inventory in preparation for loss", Andrew Goodfellow commented.

For more information on creating your Photo Inventory visit their website.

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