Friday, 24 October 2008

Book - CD - DVD - Inventory Scanner - Groqit Personal Inventory Creator

Buy A Groqit Barcode ScannerIf you are a collector of books, CD's or DVD's, and have been meaning to create an inventory of your collection, an easy solution is now available.

The 'Groqit', [rhymes with grocket], is a personal inventory computer, small enough to fit in your pocket.

Aussie Home Inventories is offering this compact easy to use personal inventory device, that quickly takes inventory of books, CD's, and DVD's, simply by scanning their bar codes.

The 'Groqit' Personal Inventory Device is portable, allowing easy access to your pre-stored inventories whilst shopping, where you can instantly check titles, or even create 'wish lists' for family and friends to view.

Have you ever bought the same book, CD or DVD twice?

Do you ask yourself whilst shopping, whether you already have an item in your collection at home?

Now you can eliminate this problem. This pocket sized handheld scanner, will simply read the bar code and let you know! You can even use the Groqit, to keep track of what you have previously purchased for your family and friends.

Using the Groqit Personal Inventory Device is easy as 1,2,3. Information in the personal inventory scanner is easily uploaded to the manufacturers website, and quickly translated via their comprehensive databases, into detailed listings that include titles, authors, and more.

Turn your collections into inventories quickly and easily, with the Groqit Personal Inventory Device. Let your friends know what you are looking for, and realise easily what they want. The 'Groqit' makes life easier in the case of suffering loss, as it contains inventory information that can be quickly used to expedite theft recovery and help with insurance claims.

Groqit Personal Inventory Management

Aussie Home Inventories is offering you the chance to get a Groqit in your Pocket. It is the ideal shopping companion. Compact, simple and invaluable for all your book, CD & DVD collections.

Did You Know Groqits Can Be Used To Create Business Inventories?

To learn more about using a Groqit in your business, and how to create an inventory of your business, read our article - Creating A Business Inventory - Using A Barcode Scanner.

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