Monday, 24 November 2008

Advertising Space For Sale - Increasing Brand / Website Awareness

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Advertising Space For Sale!

Are You Looking To Increase Your Brand / Website Awareness?

Would Your Products & Services Benefit The Visitors Of Our Network Of Sites?

Aussie Home Inventories is looking for more businesses wishing to advertise products and services, on this Home Inventory / Disaster / Loss Preparation network of sites. We offer excellent advertising space linking to your products & services. There are varied advertising space solutions available within our:
  • Web Pages.
  • Blog Postings.
  • Audio / Visual.
  • RSS Feeds.
  • Widgets.
Our advertising space solutions are constantly changing, as we take on-board developing internet technologies. As we do this our network grows and creates more Advertising Space.

Primarily we are looking for businesses that offer our clients, services and products that are involved in:
  • Disaster Preparation.
  • Evacuation Procedures.
  • Survival Equipment.
  • Loss Prevention.
  • Home / Business / Life Insurance
  • Property / Personal Security.

Our Global Inventory Information Network has over 325+ pages of content [May 2009]. A lot of the content is in website based with additional audio format. The network has the largest 'Google Footprint', when it comes to Home Inventory Information & Disaster Loss Preparation. Content that is searched for and found by homeowners, concerned about Disaster / Loss Preparation.

The type of advert we host, ranges from banners to optimised text links. Our recent statistics show that optimised text links, have a higher [CTR] click through rate.

The placing of an advert will in no way be an endorsement by Aussie Home Inventories, of the particular service or product.

If you are interested in participating, please contact our offices. We are aware that your business may be focused on a specific advertising solution not mentioned here and if this is so we encourage you to call us, to see how we can provide you with the solution you seek.

For further information visit our main websites Advertise page.

Advertisement revenues will assist us with maintaining the operation of and further developing our SAFE - Community Inventory Awareness Program. This is a community based program designed to raise the level of awareness, as to why it is best to prepare the home & family before the Disaster / Loss.

SAFE - Secure Archives for Future Events.

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