Sunday, 9 November 2008

Global Inventory Information Network - Help The World Take Inventory

Global Inventory Information Network
Are You Looking For A Global 'One Stop Shop' For All Your Inventory Information?

Aussie Home Inventories is a leader in Home Inventory Services, in Australia and is quickly becoming a Global Inventory Information Centre. Realising a large % of visitors are from overseas, it makes sense for us to increase our efforts, to serve all of our visitors. Over the next few weeks, you will see an increase of information and products, added to the Inventory Information Network, for the global audience. We hope this will make it easier, for you to source the information you need, from our network of home and business inventory sites.

Information contained on the Global Inventory Information Network, includes common inventory items such as:
  • Home Inventory Lists.
  • Home Inventory Software.
  • Home Inventory Services.
We will add further focused information on:
  • Inventory Preparation : Creation : Management.
  • In-Home Services.
  • Disaster Preparation : Evacuation : Survival.
  • Home Security : Protection.
  • Personal ID Theft : Protection Safety.
  • Property Value : Management : Insurance.

As from today, the Global Inventory Information Network is available in all languages, that are supported by the 'Google Translator'. Translated pages can be easily converted, into pages ready for mobile phones, or email after 'pdf' conversion by the on-site applications.

We hope this added focus on you the global visitor, assists us with the sharing of information from the Global Inventory Information Network.

Products and services offered on the network will be based on the demographics of the majority of visitors. Initially we are focussing on the following countries:

Australia : US : Canada : Europe : UK

We will be searching the internet for additional information, products and services. If you have information, that you feel would be of interest to our global visitor, then please help us to help you, by contacting our office by email or phone.

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Global Inventory Information Centre

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