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How To Speed Up Insurance Claims & Increase Client Retention

Professional Documentation Of Property & Contents By AHI
Being An Insurance Supplier Of Home & Contents, How Efficient Would Your Claims Process Be, If More Of Your Clients Had Inventories?

Would A Faster & Accurate Claims Process, Allow You To Reduce Costs & Increase Client Retention?

Faster claims and client retention, are just two of the benefits from having insurance policies, supported by accurate documentation of property and contents.

Clients with accurate inventories of property and contents are hard to find. Clients have many reasons for not taking inventory, or keeping them up to date. As an insurance supplier, you may have already tried informing your clients of:
  • DIY Home Inventories.
  • Home Inventory Software.
  • On-Line Inventories.
These are all good methods of taking inventory. The problem is, they all suffer when clients report reasons for not taking inventory as:
  • Not Having The Time.
  • Too Difficult.
  • Not Having The Necessary Skills.
  • Lack Of Recording Equipment Or Computers.
The result is, most households have no inventory. The PDS, [The Rules Of The Game], supplied with all policies is often too complex for the average policy holder. Often ignored and not looked at until claim time, when of course it is too late for the client. These above failings mean that clients have:
  • Little Knowledge Of The Policy.
  • The Chance Of Being Under-Insured.
  • An Increase In Problems At Claim Time.
  • A False Sense Of Protection
Can The System Be Improved If The Client Has An Inventory That Is Professionally Recorded, By A Home Inventory Service?

An inventory that is accurate, and easily forwarded after a loss to the authorities or you, the insurance supplier. A solution that offers the client:
  • The Elimination Of All The Reasons For Not Taking Inventory.
  • An Accurate Record Of Property.
  • The Knowledge That The Insurance Cover Is Correct.
A solution that offers you, the insurance supplier:
  • Clients With Accurate Records.
  • Clients With A Better Understanding Of Your Policy.
  • Faster Processing Of Claims.
  • A Reduction In The Chance of Fraudulent Claims.
  • Reduced Overheads.
  • Increased Client Retention.
  • Future Possibilities Of Reduced Premiums, Due To Accurate Records & Increased Efficiency.
Aussie Home Inventories offers a Home Inventory Service, that not only supplies clients with a professional record of property, but a service with an endless list of features & benefits:
  • Off-Site Storage, That Is Secure & Safe.
  • An Annual Update Program, Keeping Inventories Up To Date.
  • Disaster Preparation, Evacuation Suggestions That Prepare Households & Families.
Our Global Inventory Information Network offers the visitor products and services, that are aimed at reducing personal and property losses, whilst increasing personal and property protection.

If the Aussie Home Inventories solution, of obtaining accurate records of the property you are insuring, whilst increasing the accuracy of claims and processing time appeals to your business, then please contact us for further information.

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