Wednesday, 12 November 2008

UV Marker Pens UV LED Torches - ID Tagging Your Property

UV Marker Pen - ID Tagging
Have You Maximised Your Chances, Of Recovering Stolen Property?

Easily Mark Your Property With An Invisible ID Tag!

The importance of marking property cannot be understated. An inventory of property forwarded to the authorities, as soon as possible after the theft, and the prior invisible marking of your items, with an ID number, is the best solution to maximise theft recovery, of your hard earned possessions.

The authorities routinely use UV light, when examining stolen goods. Each year, property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is recovered in Australia. Around the world there is a problem similar to that in Australia, where:
  • 94% Cannot Be Returned To Its Rightful Owner, Due To NO Identification Mark.
Increase Your Chances Of Recovering Your Property When Stolen!

Easily ID tag your hard earned possessions with the invisible mark created by a UV Marker Pen. Authorities and insurance companies encourage the marking of property & contents, with a Drivers Licence Number. The mark left by a UV Marker Pen in ONLY seen under UV light.

If you are invisibly marking your valuables, it makes sense to also have the ability to check the invisible mark periodically. For this task you will need a UV LED Torch.

Aussie Home Inventories has UV Marker Pens & UV LED Torches available for purchase, to a global market. Products are posted with easy payment via Paypal. To purchase your UV tagging tools and learn more, visit the Inventory Products page of their website.

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