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Home Inventory Service Directory - A Global Directory Of HIS Professionals

Home Inventory Service Directory - Service Information Resource
Imagine A Resource Directory Only Focused On Professional Home Inventory Services!

A Service Information Directory which homes, property owners and small businesses, could easily find and search. A directory containing information on professional Home & Business Inventory Services.

A directory which is out there on the internet, easy to find, well promoted and not tucked away in an organisation's website, for MEMBERS ONLY!

Would You Like To Have Your Home Inventory Service, Listed In Such A Directory? Of Course You Would!

What if the deal was, you could LIST your Home Inventory Service for FREE?

Does This All Sound To Good To Be True? After All, Are We Not Talking About A Niche Directory Here?

The Home Inventory Service Directory was launched a few days ago and will be managed by Aussie Home Inventories, the leader of Home Inventory Services, in Australia. This directory is focused ONLY on Home Inventory Service Professionals. It was created to bring as many Home Inventory Service professionals, from around the world together, into a single internet resource.

Wanted! Home Inventory Service Professionals From Canada, US, UK & Australia For Immediate Directory Inclusion!

The Home Inventory Service Directory features:
  • Countries with individual states / provinces & counties.
  • Easy directory search.
  • Three types of directory listings.
  • Adjustable output lists of directory listings, by page rank [PR], alphabetical or hits.
  • A visual [PR] check of directory listings.
  • A RSS Feed allowing directory pages / listings to be used elsewhere.
Listing your Home Inventory Service in the the Home Inventory Service Directory, has the benefits of:
  • Allowing more people to easily find you, for when they need you.
  • Informing people of what areas your Home Inventory Service covers.
  • Increasing the possibilities of networking, with like minded Home Inventory Business individuals.
  • Raising your internet presence, through search engine link popularity.
  • Directory listings & directory links, to your Home Inventory Service's website!
Introductory, Home Inventory Service Directory Listing offers are:
  • FREE [Regular Reviews with Reciprocal Link ] - Max. 250 characters. [Limited Time Offer]
  • Paid [Regular Reviews] ONLY US$19.95 - Max. 500 characters.
  • Paid [Express Reviews - Featured] ONLY US$29.95 - Max. 1000 characters. [Some people do have a lot to say!]
Home Inventory Service Directory, details are:
  • Directory link validation will be for one year, on all paid links.
  • Regular reciprocal links will be initially valid for one year. Links will be deactivated if the reciprocal link is found not valid.
  • The reciprocal link will only ever point to sites on our Global Inventory Information Network, our guarantee to you and your clients, of having an Inventory Information Resource, that will add to your sites credible resources.
  • All Paid [Express Reviews - Featured], will be listed at the top of the sub-directory.
  • Payments are automated through Paypal during the submitting of the directory listing.
  • Listings will be checked by our Directory Admin. team, before activation.
  • Prices for directory listings are introductory prices and are for a Limited Time ONLY!
  • The present directory settings allow for only one link, to any website address. This may be changed.
  • NOTE: All entries will have abbrieviated State / Country added to the description, to show these details when posted into the 'Recent Postings To Directory Widget'. 
The sites of Aussie Home Inventories have been listed in the directory, to show as initial examples of the directory listing types. They can be found listed as follows:
  • Australia - New South Wales - {Aussie Home Inventories} - FREE [Regular Reviews with Reciprocal Link]
  • Australia - New South Wales - {Home Inventory Service - Australia} - [Paid Regular Reviews]
  • Global Inventory Information Sites - {Property Inventory Service - Australia} - [Paid Express Reviews - Featured]

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What If I Have NO WEBSITE?

If you have no website for your Home Inventory Service this is not a problem, as you can enter your service's description and contact details, using the Paid [Regular Reviews] directory listing. Increasing the traffic to your telephone instead of a website!

Are You Looking For More Traffic To Your Website?

Not everyone has the time or skills to raise their Home Inventory Service, to the first page on Google! As everyone needs HELP in service awareness, being listed in a niche directory, can help increase your service and site's popularity. Not forgetting increased sales!

An added BONUS of listing your Home Inventory Service in the directory is:
  • ALL DIRECTORY LINKS have the 'nofollow' attribute turned OFF! [Except FREE No Reciprocal Link]. This means Google will index you from the Home Inventory Service Directory!
  • The directory is set up to generate search engine friendly pages. This increases web presence. Not all directories are set up this way!
The Home Inventory Service Directory at present, has countries listed with the most active Home Inventory Services, these being Canada, US, UK & Australia. New country listings will be added, as and when requests from Home Inventory Services, in those countries are made.

The directory will be known as Home Inventory Service Directory, as far as the search engines are concerned. This directory will form part of the Global Inventory Information Network of sites. A network easily allowing people to source the Inventory Information they seek. A valuable resource for your website's visitors.

How Do I List My Home Inventory Service, In Your Directory?

To get your Home Inventory Service listed, in the world's first niche Home Inventory Service Directory, visit - www.homeinventoryservicedirectory.com. Easily submit your Home Inventory Service to the directory. By doing this you will also:

Help The World Take Inventory

If you have any questions at all, contact us and a member of our friendly Directory Admin. team will help & assist you with your query.

By using the RSS Feeds from the HISD, widgets are easily created. This widget shows 'Recently Added HIS Professionals' to the directory.

This is not a directory operated by directory professionals, but a directory managed by Home Inventory Service Professionals. A directory, listing Home Inventory Services from around the world. Managed by Aussie Home Inventories, the leader of Home Inventory Services in Australia, with a major presence on the world wide web. 

More networking is available on twitter.com. Once you have a twitter account for your HIS business, we will follow you from HISProfessional. Your postings will then appear in the groups 'friends_timeline' RSS FEED. This is a group we have set up for all HIS Professionals globally. The aim of the  group is to get members information, and the Home Inventory Service industry into all homes, in as short as time as possible, before more losses occur. 

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