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Easily Get Home Inventory Service Information By Email & RSS Feed
Would You Like To Receive Home Inventory Service Information Via Your Email Or Mobile?

Are You Aware Of RSS, But Not Sure What It Means?

At Aussie Home Inventories we want to make sure that 100% of our visitors, know how to to keep in touch with our blog posts! From a recent survey, it appears that not all of our visitors, know how to keep in touch with our content, without revisiting our blogs! So let us explain, so we can keep you better informed.

Would Like To Receive Blog Posts By Email?

Yes? Easily Done! To get each new post from Home Inventory Service - Australia in your email, simply subscribe using the 'Feedburner Subscribe' box, located in the menu bar titled 'Solutions To Keep You In Touch'. Check it out now!

What Does Subscribe Really Mean?

Do not worry, you are not going to get an email box full of SPAM! All you are doing is confirming you would like to receive these blog posts, in your email box. Nothing else will be emailed, and you can cancel at anytime via the email.

What Is This RSS Feed I Keep Reading About?

Think of it like this! RSS is the technology used for delivering regularly changing web content. It allows you to easily stay informed of updates & changes to our blog, without having to visit our blog, saving you time! 

How Do I Receive Home Inventory Australia Australia using RSS?

As you can see in the 'Solutions To Keep You In Touch', there is a 'RSS Subscribe In A Reader' link. What you need, to receive our blog via RSS, is software known as RSS Feed Readers or News Aggregators. A popular FREE RSS Feed Reader is Feed Reader [Windows]. Easily allowing you to subscribe to the feed and display it on your PC Desktop. There are also popular web-based RSS Feed Readers available, such as My Yahoo, Bloglines, Google Reader.

Certain browsers and email applications, allow you to subscribe to RSS Feeds. Using your selected application, you will be asked for the RSS Feed source. Listed below are our two blog's RSS Feed source. Simply 'cut n paste' the feed address into the application when asked.

Home Inventory Service - Australia

Property Inventory Service - Australia

How Do I Get Home Inventory Service - Australia On My Mobile?

For some time now, both our blogs have been mobile friendly. To see the mobile version of this blog, Click Now on the Mobile Phone Version at the top of the menu bar. Simply copy this address, into your mobile phone's browser and you now have Home Inventory Service Australia on your mobile! All of our websites / blogs have this facility.

Other easy solutions to getting our blogs on your mobile, are listed in the menu bar. Learn more by reading our post: Get Home Inventory Information On Your Mobile.

We hope the above has answered any questions you had, on how to keep in touch with our information. We look forward to you being able to keep in touch, by supplying you with the Inventory Information you need via internet, email, mobile phone and podcast.

Did We Not Mention Podcast? 

All the information you need to know, about how to listen to our Podcast Inventory Information blogs whilst on the move, is described in this post: Audio Enriched Blog Sites.

Aussie Home Inventories is a Home Inventory Service easily keeping you in touch with Home Inventory Information, giving you the options and easy solutions to share that same disaster preparation information with family and friends.

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