Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Home Inventory Service Radio Show - Internet Talk Radio

Home Inventory Service Radio Show - Listen Live
Are You Looking For More Ways To Get Answers, To Your Home Inventory Questions?

A Solution Is To Communicate With Or Listen To, Our Home Inventory Service Radio Show!

Aussie Home Inventories is now hosting the world's first Home Inventory Service Radio Show! We have signed up at Blog Talk Radio [BTR], a social radio network that allows us to connect quickly and directly with you, the listener, the home owner and the visitor to our network of sites. 

The features of our Home Inventory Service Radio Show will allow you to:
  • Call us [the host], direct via your telephone / VOIP and be LIVE ON AIR!
  • Chat live with us using BTR's chat software.
This direct connection & communication in real-time, will benefit you by:
  • Supplying you the best advice for your Home Inventory questions.
  • Allowing you to hear of other listeners questions & solutions.
  • Talk or chat on-line with a leader of the Home Inventory Service industry.
To listen to our Home Inventory Service Radio Show, you will NOT need to download software. You can easily listen to our show LIVE, by searching BTR's ON AIR. You even have the option of taking the show with you, via Podcast or MP3. Subscribe to the RSS Feed and get all the shows content streamed to the destination of your choice, LIVE. Throughout the Global Inventory Information Network we have installed the BTR widget, which will allow you to listen to the shows archived episodes.

If you register at BTR as a listener, you will be kept up to date easily through customized alerts, on our Home Inventory Service Radio Show and it's future episodes. The "Click to Talk" feature of BTR's service, allows you to listen via a computer. With an added microphone easily call into our Home Inventory Service Radio Show from anywhere in the world, using BTR's VOIP technology at no charge, or similar VOIP providers such as SKYPE. 
And your host, "Ladies & Gentlemen for the world's first Home Inventory Service Radio Show, is the one and only, Andrew Goodfellow [aka MegaPixel], from Aussie Home Inventories.

For all future Home Inventory Service Radio Show episodes, watch this space, visit our Home Inventory Service Radio Show on BTR, or follow HomeInventory on twitter. 

At Aussie Home Inventories we are all very excited, about this new development in communication and look forward to being of help, to all our new guests, followers & listeners. Another step in the right direction, helping more people around the world, to take inventory of property & contents.

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