Friday, 2 January 2009

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Aussie Home Inventories is aware that to serve you better, it needs your feedback. We are continually adding information to our Global Inventory Information Network of sites, with the aim of increasing your chances of success, in finding the information, services and products you need. To help us to help you better, we need you to visit one or more of our feedback methods and have your say:
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You have arrived on our Global Inventory Information Network and we want to make sure when you leave it, you leave with the information you were looking for and pay us another visit. We welcome all your feedback, no matter how big or small.

Our recent Home Inventory Service - Australia blog poll, 'What Have You In Place To Prove Ownership Of Lost Items After A Loss?' has just finished and the results are:
  • Receipts / Warranties - 7%
  • Photographs - 2%
  • Video Inventory - 1%
  • Written Home Inventory - 1%
  • On-line Inventory - 1%
  • Home Inventory Software - 1%
  • Inventory Created By A Home Inventory Service - 1%
  • Nothing - 83%
As you can see from the results of seventy participants, there are a lot of unprepared homes and families, that have visited our blog. Visiting our blog, as they seek information in getting prepared. Home and families that have little evidence, to prove ownership and condition of property, if there was a loss through disaster, emergency or theft.

Knowing that loss is random whilst simple preparation is not, it does not pay to gamble with your homes and families safety or security!

We want to make it easy for you to help us to service you better. Let us together make the Global Inventory Information Network a first call, for help and assistance needed in getting you prepared for what tomorrow may bring.

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