Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Home Inventory Service Newsletter - Information / News

Home Inventory Service - Newsletter - Keeping You In Touch
Would You Like Another Solution, To Keep In Touch With Our Home Inventory Information & News?

Our Home Inventory Newsletter, is yet another way we can communicate with you. To share with you our knowledge and information, to help and assist you in taking inventory and preparing for loss.

We understand that subscribing to our blog is not for everyone, as sometimes the content is too frequent. The easy solution is to sign up to our Home Inventory Service Newsletter. You will receive our news on a less frequent basis. The frequency of our newsletter will be bimonthly to start with.

We will keep you informed of any developments in the Home Inventory Service industry, both in Australia and globally. We will offer information that is fresh and of benefit to you in taking inventory of your property, along with increasing your preparation for loss. You will be informed of:
  • Offers and new products / services.
  • Suggestions & Tips - Top 10 Lists etc.
  • Local & global Home Inventory Service News.
  • Experts from other related areas of the industry.
  • Product reviews.
  • Surveys - Polls
This Will Be Your Newsletter As Much As Ours! What Would You Like To See In The Home Inventory Service Newsletter?

Our goal with the Home Inventory Service Newsletter is of course to have our say, but we also want you to make it your newsletter. A newsletter where you can see your input, your comments and your thoughts on with recording property and preparing for loss. We ask you to forward all ideas and information to our offices.

To sign-up to our Home Inventory Service Newsletter, click on the Newletter Subscription Link in the menu bar. Simply enter subscribe as the email’s subject and click on send.

For more information on our Privacy Policy, please read our Online Privacy Policy - Newsletter Subscription.

To subscribe to our newsletter, visit Home Inventory Service Newsletter on our main website, where you will also find more Home Inventory Information.

We look forward to seeing you as a reader of our Home Inventory Service Newsletter.

If you are involved in home insurance or home disaster preparation, we would like to hear from you. We will look at all information with the intention of including it in our Home Inventory Service Newsletter.

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