Monday, 9 February 2009

Victorian Bush Fires - FREE Help On Creating Home Inventories

Helping You To Create Disaster Plans & Property Inventories
Our Thoughts Go To Out To All Australians Whom Have Suffered, Or Are At Risk From The Present Fire Danger!

Aussie Home Inventories joins the nation, in grieving for the loss of lives and livelihood, caused by the bush fires in Victoria. We feel the emotional suffering, of those affected by the bush fires. We cannot imagine the anguish of family, friends and of the community affected by this natural disaster.

Aussie Home Inventories would like to offer its help and advice, to all those affected by the current bushfires in Australia. 

Our Inventory Consultants will give you the best advice, on how to construct a Home Inventory of your property. Available are pre-formatted lists, helpful in creating an inventory of lost property, from memory.

We have information allowing you to create a Home Inventory via:
  • Home Inventory Lists.
  • Home Inventory Spreadsheets.
  • Home Inventory Software.
  • Online Inventories.
If you have family & friends affected by the Victorian & New South Wales bushfires, we ask you to  make sure you inform them of our Global Inventory Information Network.

What we can do together is to make sure as many people as possible, are protected and prepared for future events, by having Home Inventories & Disaster Preparation Plans in place. At times like this when losses have occurred, it is the time when people understand the importance of being prepared. The TIME IS NOW TO TAKE ACTION and be prepared for future events.

Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center, Inc.

Even with the best bushfire preparation / protection in place, we advise everybody with an interest in property, to create an inventory of property and contents. This will be your ticket to reduced financial losses and recovery time.

Aussie Home Inventories is helping you to maximise your chances of a fair claim from your Insurance Supplier, and to ease your recovery from loss, by giving you the advice, help and the tools you need. To assist you in creating inventories of your property and preparing your family and home for loss. 

Please visit our Suggestions & Tips Directory which includes advice on increasing personal / property : planning : preparation : safety & survival.

Call our offices and get the advice you need in this time of crisis. Our friendly Inventory Consultants await your calls. 

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