Friday, 13 March 2009

Better Insurance Policies - Home Inventory Service Initiative

Victorian Bushfire 2009 - Burned Home Photo By Rob Carew
The Time Is Now For Change!

Why Would Any Insurance Supplier, Not Want To Better The Present System?

There Is A Solution To Reducing The Risk Of Inaccurate Policies!

Aussie Home Inventories is a leader in offering it's professional Home Inventory Services, to the Mid-North Coast region of New South Wales. Helping homes, property owners and small business from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie, to prepare for loss. Recording / documenting property and contents. Helping owners to realise under-insurance and correct insurance cover. Households being in a positive position to prove ownership and condition of property, when lost / damaged through natural disaster, emergency, theft or accident.

We have been providing this valuable Property Inventory Service to clients since early 2006. Our track record shows a commitment to professional services. During this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge, to confirm our position as leader of Home Inventory Services & Information.

Our goal is to ensure there is an increase in property documentation. Professional & accurate Home Inventories are easily forwarded to the necessary authorities / insurance suppliers when loss occurs. The benefits of home inventories for homes and insurance suppliers allow both parties to be in a 'win win' situation. With the present system there is all too often under-insurance / incorrect insurance.

The Time Is Now For Change - For households and insurance suppliers to increase the use of home inventories. After recent disasters there are many households starting from scratch! This is the ideal time for both parties to benefit from taking inventory of assets, when replaced. 

Aussie Home Inventories offers Home Inventory Services to households wishing to make sure that the process of documentation is started, and insurance policies are corrected. 

The Insurance system of relying on the householder to read the Product Disclosure Statement is a very weak argument! Not something that any reputable insurance company would like to be seen using as a firewall! The time is now to get it right! Simply : Logically : Easily!

Why Would Any Insurer Not Want To Know & Prove That 100% Of Policies Are Correct? 

We would like to hear from Insurance Suppliers wanting to increase the accuracy of policies. Policies of Australian householders, whom after paying premiums deserve a fair go, to know 100% their policy is 100% accurate, at all times.

Often mentioned in the media, is the problem Australia has with under-insurance and incorrect existing policies. Common reasons for error can be easily fixed! Losses unfortunately to often directed to the householder. 

The Time Is Now For Change!

Householders Of Australia Do Not Need To Suffer Under-Insurance & Inaccurate Policies!

We are offering our Inventory Consulting Services to all Insurance Suppliers wishing to implement Home Inventory Services into their business. Let us all work together to address, formulate and  provide solutions to this problem!

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