Wednesday, 4 March 2009

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Products and services advertised on the internet, are often displayed using a rotating banner system. This can be a problem when you go back to the page, as the banner advert is not there, it has changed to a different one. 

All products & services advertised on the Global Inventory Information Network use static banner adverts. This means you can always go back to the article with the advert. The only time it will change, is if we move it elsewhere or remove the advert. 

To make it easy to find products and services, we have grouped then into directories, on our main inventory service website. Use the following widget to browse through the sub-directories or click on the Products & Services Directory.

We will be adding more products & services as and when we source merchant suppliers. If you have seen a product or service previously and cannot find it easily, please contact our office for assistance.

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