Sunday, 22 March 2009

Home Inventories Prove Property Ownership After Loss

Prepare Your Home & Family For Loss
What Do You Have To Prove Ownership After Loss?

Would You Find It Difficult To Prove Contents Existed, When Destroyed By Disaster?

YES! - We Want To Know What You Have In Place At This Time!

We Want Your Input In Our - Proving Ownership Poll!

Without records & documents of property one thing is for sure, it is very difficult & timely to prove the EXISTENCE, OWNERSHIP & CONDITION of lost / destroyed property due to:
  • Natural Disaster.
  • Accident.
  • Theft.
After A Loss Do You Want To Be One Of The Households That Recovers Quickly, In The Street? 

We Hope You Do & You Can Be! - The easy solution to becoming 'one of the prepared', is to simply create a Home Inventory of property and contents, before loss occurs. A prepared household, will be the one in the street that recovers quickly after a loss! 

How Many Times Do We See / Hear Of People, Whom After Suffering A Loss Record The Remaining Hard Earned Possessions & Sentimental Items?

Whilst this is excellent practice, they could have opted for a better system, by doing the same before the loss! And it would have been a lot more enjoyable an experience!

Remember in the 'back of your mind' you are expecting a loss to occur, or why would you be paying for insurance? If your paying for insurance and at present, would find it HARD TO PROVE ALL LOSSES to the insurance supplier, you need to fix this problem ASAP. Afterall you need to justify the payment of your insurance premium!

It is now the time for you to create your Home Inventory, and at the same time correct your insurance cover! YES there is an increased chance, you will be raising your contents cover for sure! Most of our clients do, as they find out they were under-insured!

Aussie Home Inventories is asking you for information on what you have in place at this time, for proving ownership after a loss. We have a simple 'ONE CLICK POLL' that will allow us to gain more of an insight into our reader's ability & preparedness for proving a loss.

Help Us To Help You!

We 'Thank You' in advance for taking our poll, which is sighted towards the lower part of this page. 

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