Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Home Inventory Of Property - 7 Easy Ways To Create One!

Are You Looking To Create A Home Inventory, But Not Sure Of What Methods Are Available?

Did You Realise There Are 7 Ways To Create A Home Inventory, Of Your Hard Earned Possessions?

YES 7 Different Methods! And what's good news, is you could be on the road to starting your Home Inventory, in the next 60 minutes!

So What Are The 7 Methods Of Creating A Home Inventory?

Well you can easily get your Home Inventory started, by using any one of the following Home Inventory Creation methods. Simply click on the links, to be taken to your preferred method of Home Inventory creation:
  1. Home Inventory Forms - A Home Inventory Form, with the space for detailed information of five items. 
  2. Home Inventory Lists - A Home Inventory List, pre-formatted with common items, found in the home. The package includes summaries of business items, specified items and personal effects. There are lists for basement / garage / clothing items / home improvements, and extra blank lists for additional property.
  3. Home Inventory Spreadsheet - Pre-formatted with all the required input fields.
  4. Photo Insurance Creator - A simple fast Home Inventory creation method! Allowing you to simply create a list of items, with basic details and images. The simplicity of this method is, that it creates a Home Inventory in minutes, using only your browser!
  5. DVD / Video / Camera - Home Inventory - A walk around your home creating a visual recording.
  6. Home Inventory Software - Create your own Home Inventory, using your PC. We have tested the majority of Home Inventory Software packages, and the one we recommend is the one we use daily. We tell you why! Read our article Home Inventory Software - My Home Inventory.
  7. On-line Home Inventory Service - There are numerous On-line Inventory Services available on the internet. If you are thinking of using an On-line Inventory Service make sure you read our article Creating Your Inventory Using An Online Inventory Service, first. We only recommend one On-line Inventory Service. This service can also be used as a PC ONLY based system! A package that provides you with a lot more than just a Home Inventory! Read our article on The Estate Vault - A solution for home inventories, estate planning, will creation and protecting ID Theft!
Well there you have it, 7 Ways Of Creating A Home Inventory of your hard earned possessions. 

Did You Know There Is Yet Another Way To Create Your Home Inventory? 

YES There Is! By using the services of a Home Inventory Service. You may be one of the people whom after looking at the above methods, realises they all have one thing in common:

They All Demand Your Time!

Easily save your time, and use the services of a Home Inventory Service. 

Aussie Home Inventories will save you time and money by creating a Professional Home Inventory that is easily accepted by Insurance Suppliers and the authorities. A Home Inventory that is often created for less than the cost of a policies excess fee! All those excuses you have used in the past, for not starting your Home Inventory are now ELIMINATED!

No Time : To Busy : No Experience : No Equipment : Been Meaning To

The list goes on! We are here offering you a solution, to getting your Home Inventory of your hard earned, and sentimental items started and completed!


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