Monday, 2 March 2009

Property Loss Preparation Reaches NEW HIGH Level

Prepare Your Property For Loss - Image AFP
Natural Disasters Are Creating Action Across Australia & The World!

Are You Looking For Information, On How To Increase Your Property's Protection Against Loss?

The Time Is NOW To BE PREPARED! When it comes to preparing our properties for loss, it is often human nature to assume it will not happen, or there is a very small chance it may. What do we do, we simply take the gamble!

That gamble is now proving to too high for many of us, after the recent delivery of natural disasters.

A lot of people, households and homes are realising that it is better to be prepared for loss. It appears the chances of loss, are increasing around this world of ours. When disaster strikes so many times and losses occur, it gets to a point where not being prepared, is simply to large a gamble! And what we are gambling with is ourselves, and our property.

On one hand we assume a disaster may occur, as we insure our property against loss. But on the other, what do we do to lessen the events interaction, with our lives and property? Often little! We need to change that pattern of no action. The time for change and action, is NOW!

This growth of loss preparation activity that we see across Australia and the world, is confirmation of this belief. Whether you are looking to increase personal or property protection from loss, it all makes sense.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Prepared?
  • Increased survival chances during and after an event.
  • Reduced property damage and loss.
  • Speeding up the recovery process.
Preparing for loss before an event is so much easier, than after one. Ask anyone whom has suffered a loss, what it is like preparing for another disaster! They will state something similar to:
  • We wish we had prepared beforehand, but for some reason we were always to busy, and never got around to it!
  • It may sound silly, but we thought it would not happen to us!
  • Preparing for loss after a loss, brings back so many of those emotional memories, it is not easy!The cost of preparing after a loss, just costs so much more! Emotionally & financially!
  • It just makes sense to be prepared before the loss, we wish we had got around to it!
  • We would do anything to turn the clock back, and be prepared for that same loss!
  • We learned the hard way, we would have to be stupid now, not to be prepared.
  • It's not worth the risk, being unprepared.
  • It only takes a little time and money to increase preparation tenfold. Why would we now, not prepare our family and home!
  • If I had one last breath left, I would say to all those people whom are not prepared - GET PREPARED TODAY! AS YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT TOMORROW HOLDS!
Well after those sobering comments, it's only a logical process that next on the agenda for everyone reading this article, is to check your progress on PREPARING FOR LOSS!

Please use the resources available on the Global Inventory Information Network, to make sure you maximise your family's and home's preparation for loss. ACT NOW! For further help and assistance in finding the information you seek, call our offices.

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