Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Community Toolbar - Disaster Loss Preparedness

Community Toolbar - Keeping You In Touch

The Information Contained In This Toolbar, Could Save You $$$$!

Is This The World's First Browser Community Toolbar, Designed For Disaster Loss & Preparedness? You Tell Us!

With Natural Disasters around the world becoming more frequent and severe, it makes sense for everyone to stay alert, aware and prepared!

Our Disaster Loss Preparedness Community Toolbar will allow you to do this, keeping you in touch, offering you the information you need to start preparing you family and home for loss.

With the Disaster Loss Preparedness Community Toolbar you get:
  • The best content from our network of sites.
  • Our freshest content delivered directly to your browser via links and RSS, no matter where you are on the web.
  • Hand picked links, making it easy for you to check out all the favourite places on our network.
  • Google powered search box, allowing you to easily search the Global Inventory Information Network.
  • Important news and announcements off the press.
Click To Download The Disaster Loss Preparation Community Toolbar
A Section Of The Disaster Loss Preparedness Community Toolbar.

We have added these EXTRA FEATURES to our Disaster Loss Preparedness Community Toolbar, further allowing you to:
  • Listen to your favourite radio station.
  • Listen to ANY of our blog entries via Podcast / MP3.
  • Access ALL of our RSS feeds. Video / PR / Twitter.
  • Follow our Twitter Accounts [Comes With Drop Menu Of Tweets!]
  • Easily browse all the 'Eye On The Storm video content.
  • Receive notification of emails on your selected email accounts.
  • Keep your eye on the local weather.
  • Stop annoying pop-ups.
  • Take 'Time Out' with a few interesting entertainment gadgets.
Add to the above, the flexibility of being able to add your own personal options to the toolbar. Customising it further by adding Microsoft applications such as Paint, Word & Messenger. The toolbar download includes instructions for further personal configuration adjustments.

Click on the following link to download your copy of this FREE Disaster Loss Preparedness Community Toolbar and join us and a community of people, whom want to be the homes in the street that recover quickly after loss!

A Great Option For Twitter Users! - Keep Track Of All Your Twitter Tweets!

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