Thursday, 2 April 2009

Mid-North Coast NSW Flood : Video Your Home

Are You Looking To Increase Your Loss Protection & Recovery Preparedness Planning?

Have You Had Problems Proving Your Losses To The Insurance Supplier, Or Found It Too Big A Task?

As the New South Wales Mid-North Coast, prepares again for post flood cleanup, Aussie Home Inventories is asking households to create & update the Home Inventory. 

A Home Inventory is your priceless document at this time of loss. Those of you with our Home Inventories, will now be realising the:

True Meaning Of Being Prepared For Loss.

For those of you without a Home Inventory, you could also save valuable time and 'head space', when your insurance supplier asks you for that list of damaged / lost items. We can get your Home Inventory started, so you have the information at hand when asked for quantities, descriptions, model numbers and the value of each item. Add to the request, copies of bills / receipts or other documentation to support your claim. Where a loss is not covered by insurance, the Home Inventory is the proof you need, to expedite theft recovery.

What Information Do You Have Now? Could You Prove Your Loss?

Relying on memory is an 'old school' outdated and unreliable choice. During this stressful time following the catastrophe, relying on you memory can be a very expensive mistake! Not only are you likely to forget something, it is simply not the easiest of processes to go through, both practically and emotionally.

Remember where there is doubt in the eyes of the insurance supplier, you will only be compensated for losses you can prove. Reduce all doubt easily, by taking inventory. If you are questioning our advice, read your Product Disclosure Statement, that came with your policy!

Our Clients Are Simply Prepared For Loss! They Are Correctly Insured & Can Prove Losses 100%! Can You? 

Aussie Home Inventories is actively helping flood affected homes, and offering you the chance to use our Home Inventory Services.

Some households we recently created a Home Inventory for, were initially 'shocked' into taking Home Inventory! How? Well they only received 30-50% of the value of their insured loss because they:
  • Could Not Provide The Proof!
  • Were Found To Be Under-Insured!
  • Had Not Correctly Specified Items!
All of the above are easily corrected by having a Home Inventory! Do not keep yourself in a postion, where you will be paying the loss, out of your own pocket! That is what you have insurance for, so make sure the system works to your advantage and not the insurance suppliers!

Floods are only one of many natural disasters that easily and quickly take hard earned possessions, valuable and sentimental items! More realistic dangers to homes, comes from more mundane causes: burglary, electrical fires, accidents and non-catastrophic storms. Creating a Home Inventory will provide PEACE OF MIND in all of these cases. Remember this:

An Up To Date Home Inventory Is 100% Accurate - 100% Of The Time!
Proving The Loss, Ownership & Condition In Minutes!

Click To Create An Inventory Of Your Valuable Collection

Do You Want To Take The Easy Option At The Time Of Loss?

We encourage people to do their own inventories and offer many options to get a Home Inventory started. A simple way to create an inventory, is to video your home during a walk through. Click this link for your FREE DIY Home Inventory List.

We also know many of you have:


And this is why you just never get around to taking inventory. No problem! We can easily and quickly do the task for you. We offer you our Home Inventory Services, with the added security and professionalism that a third-party Home Inventory Service offers.

So if you are looking to create a Home Inventory yourself, visit our main website for your DIY Home Inventory options. Like most households if you are too busy and would like us to create the Home Inventory for you, call our offices today on:

Mid-North Coast Office - 02 6564 7282

Book an appointment to get prepared for what tomorrow may bring! We are taking inventory now, for homes and small business on the Mid North coast of New South Wales from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie.

Our Flood Preparation Suggestions & Tips can be found on our main website.

Make sure you visit our 'Eye On The Storm' YouTube Video Directory for the latest YouTube Disaster : Emergency & Preparation Videos, supplying you with information on loss preparation, for your family and home.

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