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Twitter Social Networking - Marketing Your Business

Increase Your Business Networking With Twitter
Why Would A Home Inventory Service Use Twitter?

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Twitter For Small Business?

Aussie Home Inventories has been using Twitter, [said to be the hottest social networking website], for over two months now. We became aware of Twitter earlier in the year, after a discussion with Cindy Hartman, of Hartmans Inventory. Cindy had taken the skill of Twittering to a new high level, increasing her business clients and business networking relationships.

When searching for systems to increase business sales, business networking and traffic to websites. Often suggested, is the idea of signing up to social networks.

After an email from Cindy recommending we join Twitter, we looked at some of the said benefits and signed up. A steep learning curve on what this 'micro-blogging' social network is all about, taught us how to increase networking and business awareness. Being of the business type that comes under the 'new concept' label, for many homes and small business, it is important to keep our business awareness maximised at all times.

An extensive search was taken into the many additional Twitter applications. Third party applications [tweet schedulers, tweet directories, email alerts, search engines, auto twitter apps.] are everywhere, making Twitter very easy to use. A system where you can get a message of 140 characters, out there to a global audience fast.

On joining Twitter, we expected there to be a large Home Inventory Service presence, due to Twitter being popular in America, which is the home of this business type. There was not, or it was hard to find. It even took time to find Cindy with her 'white hot' Twitter channel @CindyHartman.

This does not mean there are other Home Inventory Services on Twitter, it may simply means that the selected search terms used by these businesses, or us in our quest, makes them hard to find.

When choosing a name on Twitter, it seems to make sense if the type of business type, can be reflected in the name. This is going to make it easy, to be found. Hence we are called @HomeInventory. It pays to get in there early, to obtain your chosen name. @HomeInventory also gets noticed by Real Estate users. They use the term Home Inventory commonly. Of course all those homes need a home inventory, which is great news for our industry!

As we have a large Google footprint, Twitter is seen as a complimentary tool to grow this global footprint. We primarily use Twitter to release 'inventory taking' activity awareness, inventory information, business news, new product information, blog post and web page releases.

Automate Your Twitter Account 100%

Whether Twitter increases revenue, what we can say it that it can increase traffic, which itself can increase revenue.

What Twitter can do, is easily increase social / business networking, a winner for all businesses. We network successfully with our Twitter followers, direct message or by email. We choose not to make our Twitter streams into an 'open chat' stream and have opted for the business approach. We are there for business networking primarily, with friends gained being a bonus.

Our Twitter following started on it's own. Making sure you are easy to find is crucial. Once the Twitter following ball is rolling, it seems to generate a consistent flow of new followers. We add new updates frequently, both information and product. Followers therefore see this as an important Twitter feed to follow. There is a concept on Twitter, that is most 'twitter folk' will follow each other, as a matter of etiquette.

If we come across a 'system' that appears to increase Twitter followers, we will join it. We know of two systems that have increased our Twitter followers. These systems are crucial when you are new to Twitter as you need to increase your followers at once.
  • System#1 - This is a FREE system and increased our Twitter following and still is. Try this Twitter Traffic Booster and let us know how it increases your Twitter followers.
  • System#2 - This system called The Twitter Traffic Machine does costs money, but at the same time does everything it says it does. It teaches you how to fully automate a Twitter account. Once you have learned the system it then only takes 30minutes or so, to apply the same set of rules to a new account. The bonus of this system is, that it does not take more than a few days, to make money. Yes you make money as well! It's well worth the dollars.
We manage the following Twitter accounts.

@HomeInventory - Our primary Twitter account focussing on everything to help the home / business owner to create an inventory of property.

@HISProfessional - Especially designed for Home Inventory Services, wishing to advertise their products and services. If you are a Home Inventory Service business make sure we follow you with this account.

@Disaster_Videos - Focussing on our Eye On The Storm Disaster Video Directory.

@Disaster_News - Reporting all the latest Disaster News from around the globe.

@Prep4Loss - Designed to create an awareness of those Twitter users tagging their Tweets with #prep4loss. @Prep4Loss only follows users committed to Tweeting about:

Disaster : Emergency : Weather : News : Alerts : Updates : Warnings : Preparedness

Tweets related to @Prep4Loss are also posted on the Prep4Loss blog.

@Tweet_Business - 'Tweet Your Business' easily by using our Twitter Account Service. For individuals & small business whom lack the time & experience, let us help you maximise the potential of a Twitter account to your business.

If you are a HIS business thinking of joining Twitter, we cannot think of a reason why you would not, if you are looking at growing your business. Most people with a roof over their heads need a Home Inventory. You do not know where a Twitterer is, they could be four blocks away from your office. Your Tweet may be the one Tweet that strikes a nerve, and converts them to a client.

Twitter is an excellent marketing tool and it needs to be Tweeted that way! Sorry for the pun. Similar to a LED message board, in front of millions! The world is now a small place due to the interconnectivity!

Follow Aussie Home Inventories - @HomeInventory On Twitter

Yesterday's thoughts of why you would ever need to advertise your business outside your local service area, is 'old school'. We would recommend Twitter as an excellent marketing tool for any business, wanting to increase networking, traffic and client numbers.

Don't forget to try The Twitter Traffic Machine, to initially get your follower numbers growing and make money at the same time! And those Twitter accounts to follow are :

We look forward to Tweeting with you soon.

We have additional information on our main website for new and existing Twitter users. If you are looking to create a Twitter Business Account that is fully automated, along with the ability to go viral, then visit our Twitter Traffic Generation Tips page. You will learn about Twitter Bot, Viral Tweets and other Twitter applications, along with Twitter etiquette and Twitter commands.

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