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Client Referral Program - Home Inventory Services

Aussie Home Inventories - Client Referral Program

Client Referral Program - Home Inventory Services

Helping You To Streamline Your Insurance Claims Process!

Helping You Increase Post Claim Client Retention Levels!

We are proud to announce our recently launched Client Referral Program, suited ideally for Professionals working as:
  • Insurance Companies / Agents.
  • Real Estate Agents.
  • Mortgage Lenders.
  • Law & Legal Services.
  • Home Movers.
The following is an exert taken from information, written especially for Insurance Companies & Agents.

After A Loss Or Disaster, Are All Of Your Clients Going
To Be Able To Prove Their Losses?

The answer often is NO! As you are aware a common problem is insufficient documentation, to account for their losses. And over the years you may have been attempting to inform your clients, of the importance of recording / documenting property in case of loss. To often with little success! If this sounds familiar we have a solution for you.

No Documentation Usually Means:
  • The claims process is drawn out.
  • Both you and the client are using time, that could be focused on other tasks.
  • The client's stress increases.
  • The chances of client retention is reduced.

Imagine If All Submitted Claims Were Accurate And On Time!
How Would This Affect Your Business?

What would your client say about your business, when their claim is processed fairly and quickly? Would this not be a loyal client for years to come? Your ideal client?

We want to make you aware of a system, that saves you time processing claims. A system that makes sure you know from the onset, what your client has paid insurance for. This system is accurate, when kept up to date. A system that will build your client's trust / loyalty of your services.

This system is a Home Inventory Service. A service that professionally records and documents household property and content.

It is common for many households to put off the idea of taking inventory. Thinking it will not be needed as they could be the house left untouched by loss. Also many homes are under a false sense of protection, thinking you the insurer knows everything! As we have found out over the last few years if that were true, then there would be NO UNDER-INSURANCE!

This is an opportunity to eliminate under-insurance, not just on the client's property but also the contents. Also reducing risks of contents that are incorrectly specified on the policy. How often do clients total the contents, never taking the time to specify items? Only to be stung at claim time!

By using a Home Inventory Service, your clients are going to recover after a loss / disaster, fast! Thanks to services you informed them of prior to the event.

What we are offering here is a system that will:

Help Your Clients : Your Business : Yourself

What we are proposing is this:
  • Together we form a business relationship, giving you leverage over your competition with the advantages already mentioned.
  • We will pay you a Client Referral Fee, when you refer your clients to our Home Inventory Service business.
With very little effort on your behalf, everyone will benefit:

Your Clients, Your Business & You.

This new opportunity will increase your leverage, easily making you more money from your clients due to:
  • Accurate claims.
  • Reduced processing time.
  • Increased client retention.
  • The Client referral fee.
  • Word of mouth advertising.
Not forgetting new clients, you want of course to get on board:

You now possess a NEW Closing Tool!

For your clients there is an increase of:
  • Trust.
  • Confidence.
  • Stronger Relationships.
The great thing about our Home Inventory Service - Client Referral Program is you can benefit from:
  • No More Drawn Out Claims!
  • An Efficient Streamlined Claims Department!
Click on the following link to learn more about this valuable referral service:

The great opportunity for everyone here, is that only the referred client has to be in our service area. You the referrer could be anywhere!

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