Monday, 1 June 2009

RSS Feed Directory - Home Inventory Information

RSS Feed Directory - Home Inventory Information
RSS Feed Directory - Home Inventory Information

Aussie Home Inventories is making it easy for you to get Home Inventory / Loss / Disaster Preparation Information. We have had a considerable number of calls recently, asking for information in RSS format.

We have created RSS Feeds for your convenience, so now you can easily subscribe to these feeds using a RSS Reader.

Are You Looking For Home Inventory Information To Feed Into Your Site Or Blog?

We have created for you, two options.
  • RSS Feeds, whose address is easily pasted into your RSS readers.
  • Widgets to be pasted into your site in 3 clicks!
Visit our Widget Directory for RSS Feeds that have been already converted into handy widgets.

Visit our RSS Feed Directory to get the RSS Feed addresses.

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