Friday, 3 July 2009

Home Inventory Poll - One Click Survey Results

Take The Easy Road - Prepare For Loss
Home Inventory Poll - One Click Survey Results

Aussie Home Inventories has been keeping track of the systems households have in place, for proving ownership after a Disaster / Loss. If you are a frequent visitor to our network of sites, you will have become familiar with our polls / surveys.

One of our recent polls has just finished, titled:

What Have You In Place To Prove Ownership After Disaster / Loss?

The results show there are a lot of households with no records and no documentation. A lot of community awareness work, needs to be under-taken. Visit our SAFE - Community Awareness Program for more information.

To answer what households have in place to prove ownership, the results from the poll are as follows:
  • Receipts / Warranties. - 8%
  • Video / DVD Home Inventory. - 6.5%
  • Photographic Inventory. - 8%
  • Written Inventory. - 6.5%
  • Online Inventory. - 3%
  • Professional Home Inventory. - 3%
  • Nothing! - 65%
Summary: A lot of Households are unprotected, having no documentation to help with:
  • Expediting Theft Recovery.
  • Substantiating An Insurance Claim.
  • Proving Ownership.
So Why Are Households Choosing To Gamble With The Family Home? - The largest investment of a lifetime for many.

Why Is The Insurance Business Allowing This Situation To Remain Static Year After Year?

At the end of the day it is the householders choice to NOT PREPARE!

Personal, family and property recovery, along with successful insurance claims, are maximised when preparation is performed before loss events occur. Anyone can enjoy these benefits by being prepared for loss.

Taking Inventory and Preparing For Disaster are not in any way, forms of Rocket Science! You have all the tools / products / services at your finger tips to get started, or get the inventory taken for you.

If you are a Resident of Australia we would like to invite you to take our survey into the :

The survey only takes a couple of minutes and every bit of input helps us to tailor our services to Australian's needs - Thank You in advance.

Feedback Helps Us To Design Our Services Better For You!

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